Blacks Ranch

The Blacks Ranch is situated on 40 acres of pasture land in Belgium, Ardenen. Surrounded by woods and pasture, split in two with creeks, it is the perfect setting for young and old horses alike. The clay ground is the perfect ground for growing young horses.

The Blacks Ranch has a 20x40 meters covered riding arena and an outside arena of 21 x 50 meters. There are 19 stalls along with paddocks which are used to house the young horses and mares during the winter. You'll also find a round pen. There are also several outside paddocks so the horses can play and exercise during the winter.


The foals are born outside and grow up in a herd environment. In the month of May our stallion Justa Tad Rad joins the herd and all mares are pasture bred.

Around October/November the foals are 5 months old and are weaned. They are all weaned together and halter broke. During the winter they all stay in a large paddock until the spring when they are turned out together on the pasture

Blacks Ranch Quarterhorses

Ruth Swart & Marja Kriboo

Route de Bastogne 2
6950 Harsin - Belgium

Telefoon mobiel: +32 497 426361
Telefoon : +32 84 311879

E-mail: blacks.ranch@edpnet.be